National Black Movie Day™
February 20th, 2021


Founded in 2019, National Black Movie Association’s mission is simple, but not easy:

To comprehensively empower Black film professionals and viewers, on and off the silver screen.

National Black Movie Association is committed to three main objectives:

  1. To collect in-depth Black movie consumer data,
  2. To champion emerging and aspiring Black filmmakers and film professional and contribute to the necessary resources required to advance careers in the film industry, and
  3. To curate valuable information and news in order to better educate, inform and expose the general public to more Black films.

We need your support in our effort to increase African American storytelling on the big screen. From large corporations to the individual moviegoer, we invite you to join us!


National Black Movie Day™ is about Legacy!

National Black Movie Day™ is about Information!

National Black Movie Day™ is about Celebration!

National Black Movie Day™ is about Advocacy!

National Black Movie Day™ is about Scholarship!

The National Black Movie Association pledges to continue the legacy of Black films by advocating for Black films and filmmakers, providing and sharing information for and about Black movie consumers, celebrating Black film excellence and generating resources and scholarships for aspiring Black filmmakers.

Take the pledge to join us in supporting Black films now!

About the Creator and Founder - Agnes Moss

Agnes Moss is the Founder of National Black Movie Association, the Creator of National Black Movie Day™ and a passionate advocate for Black movies. Ms. Moss has an extensive background in television, public relations, journalism, and film that spans over 20 years. A native Washingtonian, many of those years have been spent producing local television segments and programs while pursuing her passion of film and entertainment journalism.

Throughout the course of her career, two things have always remained constant:

  1. Ms. Moss has always had an undying love for Black films and its ability to captivate audiences; and,
  2. She is committed to helping the next generation of Black filmmakers pursue their dreams and aspirations in the film industry.

Agnes’ personal mission is to aid persons of color in achieving more recognition and representation in the film industry. By providing scholarships, hosting events, and spearheading national campaigns, she is hopeful others will join her on the journey of recognizing the value and impact of Black films on the global community.

Agnes is a proud graduate of North Carolina Central University and supports all Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Susan M. Leigh - Director of Marketing

Susan has experience leading the execution and direction of strategic marketing and communication initiatives for products in both the government and non-profit sector. As a marketing and communications strategist, she has helped to launch multiple product, promotion, web and mobile app initiatives. Additionally, her experience includes event, web, digital and social media management.

Ms. Leigh is a proud graduate of Florida A&M University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She also earned a Master of Arts in Strategic Communications from Seton Hall University and recently graduated with an MBA from the University of Maryland Global Campus in December 2019. She was born and raised in New Jersey and resides in the District of Columbia. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering with local civic organizations, traveling, cooking, baking, reading and is an avid moviegoer.

Adia Rebecca Moss - Community Outreach Manager

Adia Rebecca Moss is the Community Outreach Manager for National Black Movie Association. In her spare time, Adia enjoys watching movies that have impact and influence on American culture. Ms. Moss is a proud supporter of Black movies and understands the importance of Black representation on the big screen and in film careers, and she is committed to supporting and advocating for diversity and inclusion in the film industry.

Adia’s primary focus for managing outreach with National Black Movie Association is to plan, create and disseminate content for community engagement with National Black Movie Day on digital and social media platforms.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Adia currently resides in the District of Columbia. Ms. Moss is a proud graduate of Spelman College holding a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering with education organizations, mentoring local youth, and crafting.

Join Us for National Black Movie Day™
February 20th, 2021